Dorus van der Kroft


Hello my name is Dorus van der Kroft. Ever since I have owned a computer I knew one thing for sure. I want to help people and businesses to increase their value by using ICT. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since. I went through college and then pushed through to get my Bachelor’s degree in ICT and started working in the IT branche.

Ghana has a special place in my heart. During my study I have done internship in Ghana for about six months. That’s where I met my wife and I had one of the best times of my life. It’s amazing to see the current rate of development in Ghana and I am looking forward to contribute in the near future.

As a freelancer I do not believe in just using one of my skills and asking a predefined rate for that. I always want to find out what the customer is really asking for. To get to the core of their question. That enables me to workout how I can use my skill set to give the most benefit for the client.

I strongly believe in the use of new technologies. In IT we are shifting from a waterfall based development method to an agile development method. The latter enables us to quickly adapt to change of business needs of today. Mendix has created an app development platform that is perfectly suited to respond to those needs.

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